want you doing the skedaddle."Dad burst into laughter that

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have not seen for many a day. The culture, too, that shapes the world, at last

want you doing the skedaddle.

Hath e'en the devil in its sphere embraced; The northern phantom from the

want you doing the skedaddle.

scene hath pass'd, Tail, talons, horns, are nowhere to be traced! As for the

want you doing the skedaddle.

foot, with which I can't dispense, 'Twould injure me in company, and hence,

Like many a youthful cavalier, False calves I now have worn for many a year.

I am beside myself with joy, To see once more the gallant Satan here!

Woman, no more that name employ!

But why! what mischief hath it done?


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