care of his little girl?""But I can't." I looked at Mom.

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(He throws himself on the leather arm - chair beside the bed)

care of his little girl?

Receive me thou, who hast in thine embrace, Welcom'd in joy and grief the

care of his little girl?

ages flown! How oft the children of a by - gone race Have cluster'd round this

care of his little girl?

patriarchal throne! Haply she, also, whom I hold so dear, For Christmas gift,

with grateful joy possess'd, Hath with the full round cheek of childhood, here,

Her grandsire's wither'd hand devoutly press'd. Maiden! I feel thy spirit haunt

the place, Breathing of order and abounding grace. As with a mother's voice it

prompteth thee, The pure white cover o'er the board to spread, To strew the


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