a tad run-down," she admitted. "But all it really needs

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becomes a paradise through thee! And here - (He raises the bed - curtain.)

a tad run-down,

How thrills my pulse with strange delight! Here could I linger hours untold;

a tad run-down,

Thou, Nature, didst in vision bright, The embryo angel here unfold. Here lay

a tad run-down,

the child, her bosom warm With life; while steeped in slumber's dew, To

perfect grace, her godlike form, With pure and hallow'd weavings grew!

And thou! ah here what seekest thou? How quails mine inmost being now!

What wouldst thou here? what makes thy heart so sore? Unhappy Faust! I

Do I a magic atmosphere inhale? Erewhile, my passion would not brook


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